Saturday 31 August 2019

Outbound Secondment in Gurgaon


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We can help Non Resident Indians (NRI) in various ways in respect of their taxation concern’s and investment in India specifically apart from other services. We understand that a non-resident Indian is sitting abroad but still he/ she has lots of concerns for India like income tax for income generated in India, purchase and sale of property in India, opening of office in India, investment in India, Remittances of funds etc. Since it is not very easy and possible for them to visit India very often for all these purposes, we help them acting on their behalf and provide all required services in a professional manner. We act as authorized representative for Non Resident Indians (NRI). We understand their requirements, discuss with them in detail on Phone, E-Mail, Skype, etc. and perform the required activity on their behalf in a safe and professional manner which saves their time and cost.

We are available for any kind of Tax, FEMA / RBI Related Services and legal services for Non Resident Indians. NRI need not visit India for all the purposes stated above and we shall perform all activities on their behalf so that they can save their precious time and cost on one hand and to get top class professional services on the other.

Some of the services that we offer are:

Taxation: Filing of Income Tax Returns and helping NRI's to comply with all statutory compliances. Coordinating with the Tax Practitioner (associated with us or your own) in your home country with respect to Double Taxation-Returns, FATCA, Double Tax Credits, etc.

: Remittances / Repatriation of Funds to your Home Country from sale / disposal of your Financial Assets and Property in India after payment of due taxes in India and coordination with your Bankers to facilitate all documentation as required by RBI.

Advisory: Advising on Taxation aspects of your Income accrued and received in India including providing some useful Tax Planning ideas. Any specific advice required in relation to FEMA/RBI matters.

Inheritance, Will's & HUF
: Professional support in preparing will, nominations, HUF / HUF Formation Deed so that wishes of NRI's parents and close relatives are fulfilled and executed as per their instructions.

Associated Services: NRIs who wish to ascertain Title of their Property, Stamp Duty (Circle Rate) valuation, likely Tax liability so that they can decide sale / disposal of Assets (Financial Assets and Property) we will assist in coordinating with local experts (Property Lawyer, Property Broker of local area) of the respective field.

Mandate: NRI`s may require specific Services and execution or Implementation of these Instructions in a manner that fulfils the mandate. These would be carried out at a local level using services of qualified professionals in a legitimate way. Time and cost would depend upon the complexity of mandate and associated cost.
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